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Types of membership

HIPC is a college of UKCP and the college itself is made up of Organisational Members, Individual Members and Direct Members. 


Our Organisational Members (OMs) are the training, accrediting and listing organisations validated by the College Assessment Board in collaboration with UKCP’s Regulation and Quality Assurance Team.  HIPC OMs Training and accrediting procedures comply with the HIPC Standards of Education and Training (SETS),  Ethical Codes and Policies of the College.  These are formally reviewed every five years.

Each OM provides two delegates to the College ‘delegate meetings’ and has one vote.  The Direct Members constituency of the College also has two delegates and one vote in the College meetings.

The regulatory functions of the College are carried out by the delegates or individual representatives of the OMs or DMs of the College as volunteers to the various standing committees responsible for different areas of regulation.  They ensure all our therapists are trained, accredited and re-accredited to a high standard and then once they are satisfied they will recommend an individual to be accepted on to the UKCP Register via the UKCP Registrar. 


All HIPC Individual Members are currently, or have been for at least five years, fully qualified and practicing Psychotherapists.  Full clinical members of HIPC can be found on the ‘Find a Therapist’ area of the website here.

There are four categories of individual members:

Individual members who retain membership of their Organisational Member (OM) which accredited them originally or the OM currently responsible for reaccrediting them.
Direct Members who have left their accrediting OM and are now reaccredited by their College Reaccreditation Committee.
Non-clinical members are members who have retired from clinical practice but continue to hold responsibility, such as teaching or supervision.
Retired members are members who have ceased clinical practice, teaching and supervision but continue to be involved in the professional development of UKCP. UKCP is currently exploring membership options for this class of member and more information will be released when available.  If you are thinking of retiring you may wish to liaise with your Organisational Member to seek support and guidance on how to do that.

In order to become an Individual Member of UKCP you firstly need to find a training course which is of interest to you, and approach the training organisation to find out about their specific entry requirements and what they offer.


You are eligible to be considered for Direct Membership of UKCP via HIPC once you have successfully completed at least one cycle of re-accreditation following your core training (usually 5 years). 

There are many reasons why people choose to become a Direct Member rather than an Individual Member attached to an Organisational Member, for example, sometimes Organisational Members close down or the Member moves to a different area of the country and it is no longer practical to be attached to their OM. 

To  become a Direct Member of HIPC you need to contact UKCP Member Services and they will take you through the process and notify HIPC.  Email:

If you would like to join the HIPC online community and you are already a HIPC member, please fill out the form below and we will get back in touch with your login details as soon as possible.

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