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Finance Committee

HIPC Finance Committee (FC)

The Treasurer stepped down from the role 2017.

The job had become more and more onerous and complex for one person to manage in a College of 33 Organisational Members and approximately 400 Direct Members.

The College took the decision to appoint a Finance Committee with a College elected Chair to manage the financial business of the College in place of a Treasurer. See the Terms of Reference for this role here.

In 2015 the College also employed a bookeeper/ accountant to keep the accounts, issue the invoices, pay the invoices of those who provide administrative services to the College Committees and pay all HIPC authorized expenses claims and honoraria.

The HIPC FC Chair works closely with the Bookkeeper and liaises with the Committee Members. They are accountable to the College, the UKCP Finance Officer and Committee and the UKCP Board of Trustees.

All HIPC transactions are sent to UKCP by the Bookkeeper (hard copies of receipts for travel and other expenses and invoices for any fees or honoraria paid). Monthly accounts are also sent and copies of the bank statements. UKCP has also been provided with direct access to the bank account by HIPC Bookkeeper on three occasions (when office staff have changed) and to date nobody has followed up this offer. It remains a possibility.

The Financial year in UKCP runs from 1st October to 31st September.

The FC prepares a College budget proposal which is normally submitted at the end of July for the following year. There is also a mid-year review in March/ April to make adjustments where required.

College Budget

The budget proposal is submitted via the Chair of the PRCCF (whose role in this is unclear at present) and then to the UKCP Finance Committee who approve a budget allocation. This is not always the amount that has been asked for. UKCP gives HIPC the agreed budget allowance in two halves.

The budget proposal is based on estimates submitted by the Chairs of the Standing Committees. The budget proposal includes the following:

  • Assessment fees – Assessment Board for OM Reviews ( formerly known as QRs); Direct Members Committees for Reaccreditation of DMs; Supervision sub-committee of the Training Standards Committee for Assessment of Supervision Training programmes and individual supervisors.
  • Meeting Travel and Other Expenses: Delegates can claim travel expenses for attendance at meetings. Committee members can claim travel to face to face meetings, telephone expenses for teleconferences and an attendance allowance for face to face meetings. There is also room hire for College or committee meetings and overnight accommodation for OMR site visits.
  • Coordinator, Administrators and Bookkeeper’s fees – service providers are appointed by the College with a Service Agreement Contract. They are self-employed and are paid an hourly fee for their services, which vary according to the job.
  • Chairs of the College Standing Committees – Honoraria. HIPC do not have a Chair or Vice Chair. Other Colleges allow a sum for these to receive honoraria. In HIPC we divide this between the five HIPC meetings and pay a ratio of 1/5 to the Convener of the meeting. Other Chairs of Committees are awarded a yearly honorarium.
  • There are also a number of miscellaneous items such as postage and stationery, an estimate of legal costs that might be needed for the Ethics and Complaints Committee, an estimate of any event the College might wish to put on, such as the Conference or General Meeting.


The College also receives some income paid directly to the College by Organisational Members. The fees are on a sliding scale based on numbers of registrants submitted to the UKCP register each year. This sliding scale was worked out and agreed between UKCP and the previous HIPC Treasurer. The current scale can be seen here

Direct Members pay a fee for Reaccreditation directly to the College.

Supervisors and supervision training programmes also pay an accreditation fee to the College.

All these fees are counted as income in the budget and subtracted from the overall budget proposal submitted to UKCP.

The budget proposal is submitted each year to the College for their information at the same time as UKCP FC. These can be found on the website here.

The UKCP Remuneration and Performance Committee, chaired by the Vice Chair of UKCP and including the UKCP Treasurer on the BoT, is currently reviewing the Honoraria and other payments made to Colleges for the regulatory work undertaken by the volunteer professionals.

Further Duties of the Finance Committee:

In addition to the detailed budget proposal and managing of the day to day College’s finances the Finance Committee prepares an accompanying “Activity Plan” which itemizes all the work of the College Committees and their responsibilities. This is submitted at the same time as the budget proposal to  UKCP so they can what we are doing for the budget they allocate to us

The FC also keeps abreast of UKCP’s expenses policies and ensures delegates, Chairs and committee members are aware of the changes and the protocols for authorizing and claiming expenses. These can be found here

HIPC Finance Committee
Tricia Scott (Chair elected by HIPC in Oct 2017)
Christine Nutt
Ian Argent
Michelle Way ( Bookkeeper/ Accountant (appointed by HIPC in 2015)