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Ethics and Complaints Committee

Ethics and Complaints Committee of HIP College

As part of the UKCP Constitution, all Colleges of UKCP are required to have their own Ethics and Complaints Committee with clear Terms of Reference. Click here. HIP College Ethics and Complaints Committee consists of a chair and three additional committee members.
Chair of Ethics and Complaints Committee:
Sandra Phillips

Committee Members:
Tricia Scott
Rozmin Mukhi
Heward Wilkinson


Ethics is an important part of the work we do as Psychotherapists with our clients, as well as how we conduct ourselves generally whenever we are performing any role where our professional affiliation to HIPC and UKCP are explicit or implied or where it could be intentionally or inadvertently construed, as explicit, or implied.

In 2019 UKCP updated the Code of Ethics and Professional Practice, which underpin the existing ethical practices expected of all our members.

In brief the Ethics and Complaints Committee of HIP College exists :-

  1. To advise all College officers, registrants and member organisations regarding:
  • application and interpretation of the UKCP Code of Ethics and Professional Practice and of any additions established by the College;
  • handling of complaints;
  • matters relating to Ethics and Complaints generally.
  1. To advise individual registrants as appropriate regarding:
  • application and interpretation of the UKCP Code of Ethics and Professional Practice and of any additions established by the College;
  • matters relating to ethics and complaints generally;

Full Terms of Reference can be viewed below

If you would like to discuss a potential ethical concern that you have, do feel free to contact us, and a committee member will contact you to help.  We are a confidential and supportive resource to assist all our members to identify the best solution for them and their situation. 


Making a complaint can feel stressful and overwhelming.  However, if you know how Complaints work then that can help make the entire process more successful in resolving any conflict.

Clinical Complaints

As you will no doubt be aware, all clinical complaints against an individual therapist, are dealt with centrally by UKCP Central Complaints Process; the UKCP Colleges do not become involved in those complaints other than to manage any Sanctions which UKCP feel need to be monitored or enforced by the College or the Organisational Member who accredits the individual therapist. 

You should be aware that once a clinical complaint has been processed by UKCP, your Organisational Member does have the right to place additional requirements on any sanctions issued.  This is usually, modality specific to that Organisational Member’s training and practice expectations.

Clinical Complaints (Students)

Currently, any complaints against students who are not yet fully accredited members of UKCP are dealt with by the Organisational Member providing the training to that student member.

Supervision Complaints

At present, the UKCP Central Complaints Process does not handle complaints against Supervisors and therefore the Organisational Member that accredits the Supervisor in their clinical practice is responsible for processing any such complaints.

In order to raise a complaint about Supervision we would encourage you to first of all attempt resolution direct with your Supervisor.  However, should this not be possible, you will need to contact the Organisational Member who accredits the Supervisor in their clinical practice in order for them to advise you of their Complaints Process.

If you do not know the identity of the Organisational Member, please email  with the name of your supervisor and we will help you.

Complaints against a supervisor who is a Direct Member of the College will be processed by the Direct Member’s Committee.

Other Complaints

There are instances where members wish to raise a complaint other than a strictly clinical complaint against a therapist or supervisor.  For example, a student may wish to complain about how they have been treated by a member of the training staff / lecturer or about what they feel are failings in a training programme. 

Those complaints are dealt with directly by the Organisational Member running the training or managing the training staff member /lecturer.  All our Organisational Members have their own Complaints Process and you can ask for a copy to be sent to you, if you cannot find it easily on their website.

College Level Complaints

As a college, we cannot become involved in any complaint unless you have exhausted all other avenues of redress and that process has failed in some way.  Further, we can only become involved where there has been an alleged lack of due process e.g. where bias is alleged or where you believe the process was unfair or badly managed.  In these circumstances, we have procedures in place to hear an appeal, review the process, investigate the circumstances, and provide a formal report on the outcome to all the parties concerned.  We cannot however become involved after a complaint has been dealt with just because you do not agree with the outcome.

The Ethics and Complaints Committee do intervene on complaints about any of the College Committees or their members.  Should there be a complaint about the Ethics and Complaints Committee or any individual in that committee, then you need to complain directly to UKCP via the Registrar Email:

If you are in doubt as to whether the College can assist you with a complaint, you can contact the Ethics and Complaints Committee by emailing   The committee are always pleased to help resolve problems if we can.  In all instances, we would expect that making a formal Complaint is used as a last resort following attempts to resolve the matter.

Are you a Direct Member? Click here to view your policies & college documents.