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Assessment Board

HIPC Assessment Board

The HIPC Assessment Board (AB) is a board appointed by the HIP College to manage and conduct the Organisational Member Reviews (OMR) of Organisational Members (OMs) and to conduct visiting assessments of applicant organisations (AOs) wishing to join UKCP and HIPC. The AB is responsible for the appointment, training and management of AB assessors. The AB is accountable to the College and to the UKCP Board of Trustees (BoT) for its work.

All HIPC Training, Accrediting and Listing organisations are reviewed every five years in what is referred to as the Organisation Member Review (OMR).  This process is to ensure all Organisational Members (OMs) are operating within the requirements and criteria set out in the UKCP and HIPC Standards of Education and Training and other policies. 

Each HIPC organisation is subject to a review by a Lead Assessor and a Second Assessor and a member of the UKCP Regulatory and Quality Assurance Team.  For each OM Review, assessors read all the training and organisational documentation including training & reaccrediting handbooks, external moderators report etc.   Assessors then visit the organisation, observe a training session and conduct meetings with key staff,  tutor teams,  students and graduates.  The review culminates in the assessment team writing a report which outlines key findings and may set requirements and/or recommendations for the organisation to implement by a deadline.

Our work is to assess all OMs processes and procedures to ensure that they have robust processes and ensure people entering the UKCP register have been through rigorous training, accreditation and reaccreditation standards.  In addition, this process also enables the college to benchmark across organisations and share best practice.

Membership of the Assessment Board requires working on at least two OMRs as a Second Assessor and becoming a Lead Assessor.

Current membership of the Assessment Board

Chair – Siobhán McGee
Lead Assessor – Celia McNab
Lead Assessor – Brigitta Mowat
Lead Assessor – Katherine Murphy