500 Tophat and Clay Paulson Poker Chips Overview

  • They are actually considered to be the most preferred kind of chips out there, especially among those that play a lot of poker.
  • The 500 Tophat and Clay Paulson Poker Chips are actually considered to be the most inexpensive kind of chips out there, especially if you are looking to get the genuine feeling of a poker game. They are usually a lot of fun to use, and because they are such low cost, you can get a lot of great information on them.
  • Many of the chips that are available in the 500 Tophat and Clay Paulson Poker Chips Set are actually 100 percent clay, but of course at a lower price than the ones that are made out of a solid piece of molded clay.
  • These are actually great for people that want to have the authentic feel, but don’t want to spend a lot of money.

The clear top that is used on these also allows you to get a high quality poker chip that has the option of being put onto a poker table, rather than onto the felt itself. This allows you to have a higher quality of surface that you can get a poker table top on, and will probably even stay on for a long time.

Also, the 500 Tophat and Clay Paulson Poker Chips Set allows you to do some unique things.

  • You can put names and faces on the chips that you purchase, instead of having the generic, Paulson logo. That means that you can make all sorts of unique poker chip sets, and that those that you purchase may look better than ever, especially if you get matching accessories.
  • Get the 500 Tophat and Clay Paulson Poker Chip Set and enjoy having a new chip set that is appealing and different, with great themes, colors and denominations.
  • Then, you can use unique names on the chips, such as you may want to have a Texas Hold’em poker chip with a Ace and King in it.

Or perhaps you are more interested in a glamour model, perhaps even a little Cleopatra poker chip set would be just the thing you are looking for. The Clay Poker Chip Set is typically a subscription product that you may have to purchase, but you can find an incredible number of sets on eBay today and even some retail stores.

Typically, the subscribes will receive an email with the exact date that the set will be available, and they will be purchased on the same date. This gives you a lot of convenience, as you don’t have to worry about having too many chips on hand if you want to enjoy a Vegas night, and then having to contend with the crowds and wait to get a card to put on the next one.

The 11.5g Paulson Clay Poker Chips with their red, white, and blue denominations are real professional poker chips that you can use on the Vegas tables, or at your home games.

  1. They are of the highest quality that the casinos supply the casinos worldwide. They are designed to have the weight to support the weight of the chips that are used, without being so heavy that they will be easily knocked over on the table.
  2. Because they are so heavy, you can expect these to last a very long time, and many people elect to buy several decks to save on material and to increase their chances of winning. But every material is different and the chips may not be the same. The heavier the material, the easier the chips are to throw across the table or scatter on the floor. If you want to have the chips that the pros use you can get plastic poker chips, but nothing beats the Paulson chips.
  3. Many people who elect to purchase the Paulson Clay Poker Chips because of the look that they give off when you stack them on the poker table. The material is mixed into the clay which makes the chips very consistent, even after being stacked. Also, the look of the chips make them stand out against the composite chips, which you can see being used on television.

Of course, producers of the televised shows are there to Respect the game and the players.

  • They would never disrespect the players by actually putting the chips on the table when the game is still in progress. Again, the professionals at the poker table would not do that. They respect the game and their jobs so wouldn’t go so far out of their way to do something that would bring some attention to the game and to the players.
  • Vegas Poker Supplies will be there to help you get the look that you are after for your card table, but they can give you the material you want for your poker table as well.